Safeguarding for Managers and Supporters

Objectives – by the end of the unit, participants will be able to:

  • Managers and Supporters:
    • Describe the three core elements of The Scout Association’s safeguarding policies: The Child Protection Policy, The Anti-bullying policy and the Vetting policy.
    • Explain the principles of creating a safe environment for young people in Scouting, and identify your role in fostering a culture which promotes the welfare of young people.
    • Describe how The Scout Association applies ‘Safer Recruitment’.
    • Understand how to identify safeguarding concerns.
    • Outline the Child Protection reporting procedures and understand your role and responsibilities in regards to it.
    • Understand The Scout Association’s process for dealing with specific concerns, incidents and complaints relating to our Child Protection Policy.
    • Explain the importance of local leadership to support young people and adults when a safeguarding incident occurs.
  • District Commissioners only:
    • Explain the decision making process when an individual’s Criminal Record Check contains an adverse disclosure.
    • Outline your role and responsibilities when managing safeguarding incidents.

Learning Method – e-learning