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Adult volunteers are at the heart of Scouting in Devon, and we hope that you will get every bit as much out of it as you put in. Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of adults within the movement.

Support is provided here for new leaders, existing leaders, managers & supporters

Choose your required training area

The first part of your training in Scouting is known as “Getting Started“.  This is comprised of three modules plus a personal learning plan.

Module 1: Essential Information
Module 3: Tools for the role (sectional leaders)
Module 4: Tools for the role (Managers)
GDPR awareness 
Module 2: Personal learning plan (applicable to all roles)

Sectional leader training is organised into modules, each module has associated validation criteria which sometimes require leaders to improve their knowledge by completing learning. Find out more about sectional leader training

Manager and supporter training provides our flexible volunteer managers and supporters with the tools that they need to succeed, develop and grow the Scouting movement. If you are an experienced manager your existing skills can be used to validate most modules. Find out more about Manager and Supporter Training

First Aid, Safeguarding and Safety are the three mandatory areas of training. Find out more about mandatory ongoing learning

Looking for Information?

The Devon County Training team have years of Scouting experience between them, our FAQ page contains alot of previous answers, this is evolving into a library of help. 

You will need to complete the “Getting Started” modules for more information pleased click on the “Getting Started” tab.
Read more about sectional leader training or manager & supporter training on our dedicated pages or on the sections below.
You can also speak to your TA or Line Manager

Courses are usually held regularly, please use the calendar to find training events and register an online booking. All courses are subject to change.
All bookings for events will be open 3 months prior to the start date, some courses have prerequisites which need to be followed. 
Bookings will close 2 weeks before the course.
You can also speak to your TA or line manager

Learning doesn’t have to be via a course. Learning can be e-learning, workbook, CD or on-the-job. Find out more on our Alternative Learning page

Beavers in adventure playground with Bear Grylls