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These are the most common questions regarding “Getting Started”. We’ve also included some of the questions that might pop up if you’re brand new to Scouting.

Frequently Used Acronyms

TSA – The Scout Association
POR – Policy Organisation and Rules – the Scouting rule book!

Group Roles

SL – Scout Leader
BSL – Beaver Scout Leader
CSL – Cub Scout Leader
ESL – Explorer Scout Leader
ASL – Assistant Scout Leader (same follows for BSL, CSL, ESL)
SA – Section Assistant
OH – Occasional Helper
GSL – Group Scout Leader
AGSL – Assistant Group Scout Leader

District Roles

DC – District Commissioner
DDC – Deputy District Commissioner
DESC – District Explorer Scout Commissioner
DNSC – District Network Scout Commissioner
DESA – District Explorer Scout Administrator
ADC – Assistant District Commissioner (for all sections)
SASU – Scout Active Support Unit
SASM – Scout Active Support Manager
YL – Young Leader

Meetings / Groups of people 

GEC – Group Executive Committee
DEC – District Executive Committee

County Roles

CC – County Commissioner
DCC – Deputy County Commissioner
ACC – Assistant County Commissioner (for all sections)
CYC– County Youth Commissioner
CTM – County Training Manager
DCTM – Deputy County Training Manager
LTM – Local Training Manager
LTA – Local Training Administrator
TA – Training Advisor

The training scheme that you will need to complete will depend on your role. 

All adults accepting an appointment are required to show that they have the appropriate skills for the role. Looking simplistically at the requirements, if your role is;

  • An Administration role – this would normally require Module 1 (Essential Information) or Module 1E (Essential Information for Executive Committee Members).
  • A Sectional or Group Assistant role – this would normally require Module 1 and Module 3 (Tools for the Role).
  • A Sectional Leader or Assistant Leader role – this would normally require Module 1 and Module 3 (Tools for the Role).
  • A Manager or Supporter – this would normally require Module 1 and Module 4 (Tools for the Role Managers & Supporters).
  • Module 2 for all roles will be completed with your TA
  • All roles will need to complete GDPR training

You have 5 months to complete getting starting from provisional appointment

Modules 1, 3 or 4 & GDPR via e-learning. Modules 1 & 3 via a local course

No, you will need to validate the modules.

Validation is the process of finding out if the learner is able to put the learning covered by a module into practice in their role in Scouting. All modules required for a particular appointment must be validated regardless of whether the skills have been gained by previous experience or by planned learning. Each module has a fixed requirement.

All roles will need to complete getting started.

You will need to discuss this with your TA or LTM

Yes speak to other leaders, GSL and TA

No, training is free to all members of the Scout Association in Devon.

Yes, you can discuss this with your training advisor. 

Yes, all appointments go for a local informal interview.

The Wood Badge is awarded to adults in Scouting who complete their training. It is awarded to Scouts around the world and all those who achieve their badge automatically become a member of the 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group, the largest in the world.

You need to go to the training hub website or speak your TA.