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Manager and Supporter Training

The links below take you to the various documents you will need during your training.

Adult volunteers are at the heart of Scouting, and we hope that you will get every bit as much out of it as you put in. Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of adults within the Scout Association.  As a new leader in Scouting you will start your training by undertaking the modules which we refer to as  ‘Getting Started’ these are modules 1,2 and 4.

These modules need to be completed within your first five months in Scouting so that a full appointment can be issued.

To help you plan and validate the modules you will be allocated a Training Adviser who can guide you through the learning process.

Your Line Manager is responsible for supporting you to achieve your training, so please ask them for help when you need it. In many cases they will be your assigned Training Adviser.

Once you have completed ‘Getting Started’ you can book onto courses or request validation for modules you are ready to sign off to achieve your Wood Badge.

A training adviser will contact you to arrange validation when you have made the request.

Module 1 Essential Information Press Here

Module 4 Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters)


Delivering a Quality Programme, Fundamentals of Scouting, Scouting for All, Administration, First Aid, Changes in Scouting.
If you have held a previous role in The Scout Association most of this training should have been completed and validated in that previous role! This training and validation will not need to be repeated

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The Fundamentals of Scouting (05)
Changes in Scouting (06)
Scouting for all (07)
First Aid (10)
Administration (11)
Delivering a Quality Programme (12A)

Independent Learning covers most of the knowledge required by learners. Delivery methods include videos, e-learning and workbooks, these units may be completed whilst completing the Training for all Appointments (as above). You can record your completion of these pieces of learning yourself on your PLP, these learning exercises themselves do not need validation but contribute to the validation of the seven areas of management.

Managers and Supporters Training
View all learning opportunities for Managers and Supporters Training, or visit the individual areas below.

    Managing Time and Personal Skills
    Providing Direction
    Using Resources
    Working With People
    Enabling Change
    Achieving Results
    Safety for Managers and Supporters

Skills courses are where learners have an opportunity to develop and practice different skills relating to leadership and management. These courses build on the Independent Learning.

It is important that the units above are completed before attending the skills courses. If you are classed as a manager in your place of work you are not likely to need to attend the skills courses and should be able to pass straight to validation.

Skills Course

Find Your Course here

Validation is the final part of your training as a Manager or Supporter in the Scout Association. All this means is that you can demonstrate your understanding of your role.

The methods of validation are laid down by the training scheme. However, they are bite sized pieces most of which need no more than an observation by your line manager. This process needs to be completed within 3 years of initial